Sun look like from other planets

What does the Sun look like from other planets | nature magazine

What Does The Sun Look Like From Other Planets? Find out what it’s like to look up from the surface of another world On Earth, the position of the Sun relative to our planet makes us the toast of the Solar System. Located in the habitable zone, where the Sun is the right distance to make it neither too hot nor too cold, we are treated to relatively moderate temperatures. We also enjoy a brilliant blue sky, as molecules in our atmosphere scatter more blue light than any other color. Take a trip to the planets Venus and Mercury, though, and

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dinosaurs mars volcano went extinct about the same time

dinosaurs mars volcano  We estimate that the peak activity for the volcanic discipline at the summit of Arsia Mons probably came about one hundred fifty million years ago–the late Jurassic period in the world–and then died out across the equal time as Earth’s dinosaurs,” said Jacob Richardson, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA’s Goddard area Flight middle in Greenbelt, Maryland. “it’s viable, though, that the ultimate volcanic vent or two might have been energetic inside the beyond 50 million years, which may be very current in geological phrases. dinosaurs mars volcano New NASA research reveals that the giant Martian shield volcano Arsia

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