Green Basilisk Lizard | Information about green basilisk lizard

green basilisk lizard Interesting Information about lizards Lizards capture the imagination with their dragon and dinosaur-like looks, but out of a group of over 6,000 species, which are the most intriguing members? GREEN BASILISK LIZARD A cute reptile renowned for making miracles GREEN BASILISK LIZARD GREEN BASILISK LIZARD Basiliscus plumifrons Class Reptilia Territory Central America Diet Plants, fruit, insects, small vertebrates  Lifespan 10 years (in captivity) Adult weight 200g (7oz) Conservation status LEAST CONCERN This green basilisk lizard has a remarkable talent: walking (or, more accurately, running) on water, at speeds of around 1.5 meters (five feet) per second. While they are also strong swimmers and can spend

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