Create an apple stepover for Your Garden

Create an apple stepover for Your Garden | nature magazine

Create an apple stepover Trained low growing apples bring fruit into the tiniest of spaces TRAINING APPLES :  as stepover trees provides a space-saving way of growing fruit in the smallest of gardens. Both attractive and productive, they make the perfect boundary for a veg patch. What is it? A stepover is an apple grown as a low horizontal cordon that can literally be stepped over. Why do it? They’re beautiful as a way of edging beds and bringing fruit into even the tiniest of spaces Which plants should I use? Choose a spur-fruiting cultivar (not tip fruiting, or you’ll be forever pruning away fruit)

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Awesome Nature

Nature Is Beautiful Every time I am getting time I make it a point to travel to places in and around Delhi NCR, wherein splendor of nature can be captured in its unique shape. There are numerous locations in and around Delhi like Sultanpur hen Sanctuary in Gurgaon, Okhla chook Sanctuary in Delhi, Surajpur chook Sanctuary in more Noida, Dadri Wetlands in more Noida and so forth. There are numerous Bio range parks additionally. I’m able to cover the information about those in separate posts. These websites attract lots of migratory birds. But if one if one observes carefully there

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