The Sleepy Sloth Bear

The sleepy sloth bear The easy-going character from Kipling’s Jungle Book is thought to be an Indian sloth bear, but how similar is the character of  Baloo to its real life counterpart? SLOTH BEAR Melursus ursinus Class Mammalia Territory India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan Diet Ants, termites, honey Lifespan 20-30 years Adult weight 80-145kg (175- 320lb) Common Name English Sloth Bear French Ours lippu de l’Inde, Ours prochile lippu Spanish Oso Perezoso The real Jungle Book Baloo spends his days lazily meandering through the jungle, feasting on  fancy ants’ and rejoicing about the bare necessities. This is not too far off the life of

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