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Korat Cat Breed

Korat Cats Pictures
Korat Cats Pictures
  • Scientific name: Felis catus
  • ORIGIN: Thailand, c.12th–16th century
  • WEIGHT RANGE: 6–10lb (2.5–4.5kg
  • GROOMING: Weekly
    Blue only
  • Higher classification: Cat
  • Size This is a medium-size cat, weighing from 6 to 10 pounds.


Korat Cat

cats breed can truly be described as being of ancient origin, but the Korat from Thailand is one of them. It appears in a book titled The Cat Book Poems, which dates back to the Ayudhya period (1350–1767), in what was then Siam. Long prized in its native country as a symbol of good fortune, the Korat was virtually unknown in the West until the mid-20th century, when a breeding pair was sent to the US. This graceful, silvery blue cat makes a very special pet. Usually highly active, the Korat has its peaceful moments, too, and is gentle and affectionate with its owners. With heightened senses, the breed is easily startled by loud noises or abrupt handling.

Korat Cats Pictures
Korat Cats Pictures Korat Cat Breed


Some breeds, such as the Thailand Shorthair,developed naturally from isolated groups of cats, their restricted gene pool resulting in a typical appearance. Other natural breeds natural breeds arose because they had a characteristic that helped them survive, such as the long coat of the Maine Coon (see pp. 214–15), which is indispensable for cold, northern winters. In small, isolated populations, a trait caused by a genetic mutation—which would probably only rarely appear in a larger population—can become common over generations of inbreeding. This genetic influence is called the “founder effect” and accounts for the taillessness of the Manx (see pp. 164–65), for example. Breeders exploit the founder effect to create new breeds from cats with novel characteristics caused by a mutation. Such breeds include the Scottish Fold (see pp. 156–57), Munchkin (see pp. 150–51), and Sphynx (see pp. 168–69).

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