kitten seasoned Planner 2 Year 2017- 2018 Monthly Calendar

Here are a few recommendations of things you can do each month to make 2017-2018 a great year for your favorite kitten seasoned.

kitten seasoned Planner
kitten seasoned Planner

Kitten Seasoned Planner 2 Year 2017- 2018 Monthly Calendar


The summer months seem far away as we are invariably facing cold temperatures or weeks of rain. Take the opportunity to cuddle up to your cat more often, as long as she will allow you to. Giving each other ease and companionship will make the long nights seem much better.


The month of Valentine’s Day – spoil your favorite kitties with a treat to show how much you love them. It doesn’t have to be expensive – perhaps a new catnip mouse or food bowl will be all it takes to win them over.


The first signs of spring tubers appearing in the garden brighten everybody’s spirits and there is a lot of bird action as they start looking for nesting sites. Clear a space on a windowsill or provide a platform close to a window where your cat can sit happily, looking outside and watching the birds fly by.


With the spring comes more hours of daytime and hopefully warmer temperatures. You are likely to get out in the garden too if you have one. Encourage your cat to go outside with you and play a few games out there with her. Fresh air and exercise is the picture-perfect way to banish the winter blues.

Kitten Seasoned Planner


It’s about now that traditionally ‘kitten season’ starts. Use this as a reminder to check that all your cat’s vaccinations, flea treatments, insurance and, if she is microchipped, database details are up to date. If you’re looking to get a new kitten, Cat World’s ‘kitten special’ issue will give you an information about each of the breeds INT


Dental alertness month – take your feline to the vet for a dental check to make sure there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease. Regular cleaning of teeth from a young age really can prevent life from becoming very miserable for your cat in her later years.


Most summer plants are beginning to flower now. As the temperatures rise, make sure there are plenty of shady spots around your garden, either from the plants themselves or by placing garden furniture or pots someplace that will provide welcome shade for your feline companion.


Peak holiday season. If you are going away this year, make sure you have everything together for the person who will be caring for your cat in your absence. If you have decided to take kitty with you, ensure you have packed a few of her favorite toys, a blanket with her own scent on it and any medication she may be taking. Catteries can get booked up a whole year in advance so if you are intending to go away in 2017 or 2018, now is the time to be doing some research and booking your cat a place in plenty of time.


 It’s almost time to say goodbye to summer. Make this an opportunity to overhaul your cat’s grooming regime. Long haired cats will need more attention than short haired ones but all lengths of coat will benefit from a little regular. Invest in a new brush or cloth and make plans to continue regular grooming throughout the coming winter when your cat is likely to spend more time inside with you.


Before winter arrives, dust off the radiator bed, dig out the warm blankets or heater pads and check everything thoroughly. If anything is worn or not working properly, then ditch it and find or buy a new one. Try animal charity shops for a good deal. Better to spend a little now to make sure kitty is safe and warm throughout the winter months.


Pet diabetes awareness month gives you a reason to take a look at your cat’s weight, body shape, diet and lifestyle. Senior or overweight cats can be prone to diabetes and once they have it, it can’t be cured but has to be managed for life. Your veterinary surgery will have leaflets if you are concerned about your cat and what to look for. This is also the month when fireworks are heard every night of the month it seems! Make sure your cat is inside before it gets dark and has somewhere safe to hide if she is really frightened. An old jumper at the bottom of a cupboard or on top of the wardrobe makes a soft spot for kitty to stay until she feels happy to come out again.


Christmas is coming…and so are the visitors. Most of us are either welcoming visitors to our homes or we are out and about more than usual doing the Christmas shopping and being a visitor ourselves. Try to keep your cat to her usual routine as much as possible. If you will be out for longer than usual, leave a light on when you leave and perhaps the radio so that she has some measure of company and comfort until you return.

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