Image eagle nebula, m16 pillars of creation hubble Space Telescope

eagle nebula, m16 pillars of creation hubble

A Now Famous Picture From The Hubble Space Telescope Featured Pillars Of Creation,Star Forming Colums Of Gas And Dust Light Years Long Inside M16,The Eagle Nebula.This Composite Image Views The Nearby Stellar Nursery A Panoramic Exploration Of Interstellar Clouds Along Along The Plane Of Our Milky Way Galaxy.The Eagle Nebula Is Some 6.500 Light Years Distant And Lies Towards The Constellation Serpens Cauda ( The Tail Of The Snake ). hershel

image eagle nebula, m16 pillars of creation hubble


The Hubble has shown us what happens when all the gas boils away and only the EGGs are left. “It’s a bit like a wind storm in the desert,” said Hester. “As the wind blows away the lighter sand, heavier rocks buried in the sand are uncovered. But in M16, instead of rocks, the ultraviolet light is uncovering the denser egg-like globules of gas that surround stars that were forming inside the gigantic gas columns.”

nd some of these EGGs are nothing more than what would appear to be tiny bumps and teardrops in space – but at least we are looking back in time to see what stars look like when they were first born. “This is the first time that we have actually seen the process of forming stars being uncovered by photoevaporation,” Hester emphasized. “In some ways it seems more like archaeology than astronomy. The ultraviolet light from nearby stars does the digging for us, and we study what is unearthed.” INT
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