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How Do Humans Affect The Earth Environment

      Earth Environment

days Is Being Threaten By No Other But We Who Live On these Beautiful Earth Peoples From All Over The World Are Endangering The  Earth environment Damage Is Being Done To The Atmosphere

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Much Has Been said About The Ozone  layer An Invisible Layer Of Protective Gas In  Atmosphere The Ozone Layer  Protects Life On Earth From The Full Force Of  The Sun,s Ultraviolet And Infrared Rays Which It Absorbs Over Exposure To The Ultraviolet Layer Can Cause Skin Cancer According To The Scientists A Big Hole In The Ozone Layer has Appeared. It Means We Are At a Greater Risk Of Being Exposed to more radiation. Many dangerous chemicals rise up and destroy the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere. They also contribute to the warming up of the earth’s  environment atmosphere. Such warming up is also known as “Greenhouse Effect”

Deforestation worsens

the Greenhouse Effect. Trees act as the “lungs” of the world because there take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen to the atmosphere. Due to chopping down of trees or burning of forests the supplies of wood on earth are being reduced.


   Pollution of air and water is not only health but also exposes the life and health of animals and plants to risk. In case, the situation remains unchanged, the environment will be destroyed completely.

Apart from these dangers to our planet, there is the threat of extinction of different species of animals. For example, tigers nearly became extinct from being hunted down. At international level organisation are working to protect the species. “WWF” is one of such organisations. We can protect such species with the help of international organisations.

There is a great need to be friendly to our  Earth environment by not cutting the forest, trees and by not hunting animals. Moreover, the manufacturers should install treatment plants for waste materials to keep the  Earth environment clean. It is the need of time to plant more and more trees. By doing so we can save our beautiful home.

        need to be friendly

Need To Be Friendly



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