five Surprising facts you didn’t know about avocados


Five facts you didn’t know about this popular fruit

Are we living in the Age of the Avocado?

These days is looks as though every trendy eatery has avocado toast on the menu, guacamole is more popular than ever, avocado smoothies are all the rage, and an avocado rose is a real thing. Avocado is being used as a butter replacement, and recipes for avocado brownies, avocado ice cream, avocado cupcakes, and chocolate avocado pudding are all over the internet. 
You know they make a killer egg Ocado and are beloved between guacamole aficionados. You might also know you can feel good eating one, thanks to strong fats and loads of nutrients. But the mighty powers of the avocado stretch farther than you possibly realize.

1 They’re actually berries.

Although their color makes them look like vegetables, avocados are actually a fruit. They’re botanically classed as a single-seeded berry of the Persia Americana tree, native to Mexico and Central America

There are hundreds of types.

One worldwide favorite is the Hass variety. This delicious avocado was discovered by accident, as Californian postman Rudolph Hass grew the first tree from an unknown seedling in 1926.tonsillitis and even cancers.

3 They contain more potassium than bananas.

Avocados are packed with nutrients, with nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in every little green fruit. They’re also a source of protein and unsaturated fat, which can help to lower people’s cholesterol.

4 Inca tribes ate them.

Archaeological evidence suggests that wild avocados have been eaten for almost 10,000 years in Mexico! It’s thought that humans started cultivating avocados around 5,000 years ago, and they were eaten by Inca, Olmec and Mayan tribes.

The stone can grow into a tree.

You can grow your own avocado tree using the pit of the fruit that you just ate. Seeds only take two to six weeks to germinate, but the trees will take at least five years to bear fruit.


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