Stars fleeing a cosmic crash | ESA/Hubble & NASA

Stars fleeing a cosmic crash Astronomical pictures sometimes deceive us with tricks of perspective. Right in the centre of this image, two spiral galaxies appear to be suffering a spectacular collision, with a host of stars appearing to flee the scene of the crash in a chaotic stampede. However, this is just a trick of perspective. It is […]

Cloaked in Red Collection of Small Baby Stars (NASA)

      red collection small baby stars Hubble image. This stunning new Hubble image shows a small part of the Large Magellanic Cloud, one of the closest galaxies to our own. This collection of small baby stars, most weighing less than the Sun, from a young stellar cluster known as LH63. This cluster is still […]

dinosaurs mars volcano went extinct about the same time

dinosaurs mars volcano  We estimate that the peak activity for the volcanic discipline at the summit of Arsia Mons probably came about one hundred fifty million years ago–the late Jurassic period in the world–and then died out across the equal time as Earth’s dinosaurs,” said Jacob Richardson, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA’s Goddard area Flight […]

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