Common British ladybirds or ladybug Identification | ladybug family Identification

Common British ladybirds Identification The seven-spot ladybird may be one of the most recognizable, but there are 46 different species in the UK Common British (ladybird or Ladybug Harmonia axyridis): ladybug scientific name (Coccinellidae) Size and shape: large (6 – 8mm long), quite round and domed Elytra (wing case) highly variable, orange, cooler: pale yellow, […]

interesting snakes

Awesome snakes facts | Awesome information about snakes

worlds Awesome snakes facts information about snakes Snakes have a bad reputation, but beyond the scary stories and persistent myths are a group of animals who, like any other, only strike when threatened. With an incredible 3,000 species of snake on Earth, here are some of the most beautiful Awesome colourful tree-loving African bush snake […]

how to attract birds to your home garden

How to Attract Birds Into My Home Garden | garden birds

how to attract birds to your home garden You can start birdwatching just by looking out of the window. Many birds visit gardens, and you can affect their number and variety in several ways   Plant native You can put out food for the birds, but it’s even better to do so indirectly by planting bird-friendly shrubs […]

Python Bivittatus molurus

Python Bivittatus molurus Interesting Informations About | python molurus

[popup id=”Click Her For More Informations” theme_id=”2251″ size=”small” width_unit=”px” height_unit=”px” location=”center top” position_right=”0″ position_left=”0″ position_bottom=”0″ position_top=”100″ animation_type=”fade” animation_speed=”350″ animation_origin=”center top” overlay_click=”1″][/popup] Python Bivittatus molurus Interesting Informations The character of Kaa resembles an Indian rock (Python Bivittatus molurus( but is this snake as villainous in real life? The 2016 film version of Kaa has markings that […]

black panther

black panther animal habitat Interesting Information about black coat

What is a black panther? black leopard Panthera pardus Class  Mammalia Diet Ungulates, monkeys, snakes, rodents  B?Territory Africa and Asia Lifespan  10-12 years Adult weight  30-65kg (65-145lb) Habitats Forests, swamplands, grasslands Family Felidae Shape:  Big cats Size: Body: 4.25 to 6.25ft; Tail: 3.5 to 4.4ft Natural Habitat: Rainforest, woodlands, marshland, swamps, deserts and mountains Other Name  Black Panther, Black Leopard, […]

world's Most smartest animals

World’s Smartest Animals And intelligent animals on Earth

World’s Smartest Animals And intelligent animals on Earth ANIMALS Discover fascinating facts about some of the most intelligent animals on Earth DID YOU KNOW? Gorillas in the Republic of the Congo were observed using large sticks to test the depth of swamp water Apes Elephants Dolphins These primates have a human-like long-term memory and are […]

Learn a Lot About What a Bird Eats From The Shape of Its Beak

Learn a Lot About What a Bird Eats From The Shape of Its Beak Chiseling beak Woodpeckers use their beaks to bore into tree bark to obtain sap and insects. Their beaks have a springy structure that absorbs the impact of hitting a tree trunk 100 times a minute Scavenging Scavengers such as vultures have […]

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