long haired cats

5 Most Popular Long Haired Cats Breeds And Names

5 long haired cats breeds Regardless of their ancestry, these Longhaired cats have undeniable glamour and are sought-after pets. Non Pedigree cats with long hair are less common than their short haired counterparts. In some of them, the clues to their origins are obvious. A dense, woolly undercoat, stocky body, and a round, flattened face are […]

Korat Cats Pictures

Korat Cat Breed Korat Cats Pictures | Nature Magazine

Korat Cat Breed Scientific name: Felis catus ORIGIN: Thailand, c.12th–16th century BREED REGISTRIES: CFA, FIFe, GCCF, TICA WEIGHT RANGE: 6–10lb (2.5–4.5kg GROOMING: Weekly COLORS AND PATTERNS: Blue only Higher classification: Cat Size This is a medium-size cat, weighing from 6 to 10 pounds.   cats breed can truly be described as being of ancient origin, but the Korat […]

Frilled lizard

Frilled lizard | Information about Frilled lizard

Frilled lizard | Information about Frilled lizard This lizard’s extra skin is a remarkable defence Darker brown and greys this suggest that they use its their masking and also it lives in leaves branches the most strong features of these has the large circle of hair of skin which is usually folded back against of […]

what are whiskers?

what are whiskers? | information about animal whiskers

what are whiskers? Find out how these specialized hairs help animals to sense their surroundings Whiskers are long, thick hairs that extend a mammal’s sense of touch beyond the surface of their skin. They are connected directly to the nervous system via sensory organs called proprioceptors at the base of the hair, which send information […]


Green Basilisk Lizard | Information about green basilisk lizard

green basilisk lizard Interesting Information about lizards Lizards capture the imagination with their dragon and dinosaur-like looks, but out of a group of over 6,000 species, which are the most intriguing members? GREEN BASILISK LIZARD A cute reptile renowned for making miracles GREEN BASILISK LIZARD GREEN BASILISK LIZARD Basiliscus plumifrons Class Reptilia Territory Central America Diet Plants, fruit, insects, small […]

Cat Dental Care

4 Teeth Facts About Cat Dental Care signs of oral and dental disease

4 feline teeth facts Your Cat Dental Care routine 1) brush your cats teeth’s at least several times a week preferably daily 2) Fist get him used to you touching his teeth with some flavoring on your fingertip like tuna 3) When he’s ready, use a cloths or feline toothbrush 4) Have your vet check […]

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