black panther

black panther animal habitat Interesting Information about black coat

What is a black panther? The term ‘black panther’ refers to any big cat with a black coat. In India, there are no jaguars or pumas, therefore Bagheera must be a leopard. The spotted and dark varieties of leopard are the same species, and differ only due to a small genetic mutation that produces a dark pigment in the skin. This is known as melanism and is thought to be much more common in big cats living in dense forest, where little light can penetrate. The dark cats are still able to blend in with their surroundings and hunt successfully.

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world's Most smartest animals

World’s Smartest Animals And intelligent animals on Earth

World’s Smartest Animals And intelligent animals on Earth ANIMALS Discover fascinating facts about some of the most intelligent animals on Earth DID YOU KNOW? Gorillas in the Republic of the Congo were observed using large sticks to test the depth of swamp water Apes Elephants Dolphins These primates have a human-like long-term memory and are able to recall past experiences to help solve problems in their environment. Elephants remember their relatives and are able to recognize skeletal remains of their peers long after they have died. Dolphins have an impressive long-term memory that means they’re able to recognize a call

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Learn a Lot About What a Bird Eats From The Shape of Its Beak

Learn a Lot About What a Bird Eats From The Shape of Its Beak Chiseling beak Woodpeckers use their beaks to bore into tree bark to obtain sap and insects. Their beaks have a springy structure that absorbs the impact of hitting a tree trunk 100 times a minute Scavenging Scavengers such as vultures have powerful, hooked beaks. Like built-in knives, these allow birds to tear through the flesh of carcasses with ease Raptorial Hawks, eagles and other carnivorous birds use their sharp, hooked beaks to catch and kill their prey, ripping into the skull or neck and tearing the

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The Sleepy Sloth Bear

The sleepy sloth bear The easy-going character from Kipling’s Jungle Book is thought to be an Indian sloth bear, but how similar is the character of  Baloo to its real life counterpart? SLOTH BEAR Melursus ursinus Class Mammalia Territory India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan Diet Ants, termites, honey Lifespan 20-30 years Adult weight 80-145kg (175- 320lb) Common Name English Sloth Bear French Ours lippu de l’Inde, Ours prochile lippu Spanish Oso Perezoso The real Jungle Book Baloo spends his days lazily meandering through the jungle, feasting on  fancy ants’ and rejoicing about the bare necessities. This is not too far off the life of

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Balinese cat

Beautiful Balinese Cat Some Information’s About That Balinese Cat

Beautiful Balinese cat same Information’s About that Balinese cat If finding a furry BFF is Your Goal, look no further than the Balinese cat though noted for her aristocratic appearance this suave feline specimen is uninterested in whiling her days away atop a throne” rather, she’s all about companionship and-stop chatter 1, About That Coat Believe it or not, the most interesting aspect of  the Balinese’s appearance is not her oversize triangular ears or wedge-shaped head; rather, it’s her coat. Long, silky and flowing, the coat never mats; is formfitting to the body, showing off her muscular lines; and ends

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Devon Rex Cat breed Personality Traits and Information’s

Devon Rex Cat Information and Personality Traits The Devon Rex looks as if he sprang straight out of a Japanese anime film. His triangular head, oversize ears and zany personality do little to deny that this is one unusual cat. He’s the fascinating result of a natural mutation — one that obviously included a gene for silliness. He likes to ride on shoulders, learn (and do) tricks and chatter to you about his day. Clad in short, silky, fine hair, the Devon has a coat that can feel like soft suede, or it can have a whirled and curled appearance.

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