pet photographer

What is the best way to become a successful professional pet photographer?

Best Ideas Tips For Pet Photographers A day in the life of a pet photographer A passion for photography can easily branch into a career that includes working with animals. The popularity of pet photography is on the rise as people increasingly value the role of their pets in their family. For photographer Shannon Sweet […]

Abyssinian cat breed

Abyssinian cat breed | Information About Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cat information One of the oldest breeds, Abyssinian cats are natural athletes with a lust for life; inquisitive and playful they make wonderful, lovable companions Vital Stats Scientific name: Felis catus Origin: Egypt Higher: classification: Cat Rank: Breed Eye color: Green, Gold Length: Short, Medium Male :, medium: 8-12 lbs. Female: medium: 8-12 lbs. […]

British Shorthair Cat Breed information about British Shorthair cats

British Shorthair Cat Breed Even if you’ve never met one in person, you know the British Shorthair. From the medieval herb woman’s companion to the widely grinning Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland fame, he’s a stalwart of British heritage and literature. Chunky and full-cheeked, the British Shorthair is a comfort cat: just made for sitting […]

bengal tiger

bengal tiger Facts population & bengal tiger Informations

Tiger Informations The subspecies found in this part of the world is the Bengal tiger, also known as the Indian tiger. It is the second largest subspecies of tiger in the world. At sunrise and sunset it stalks the jungle looking for prey in the dim light of the forest, and during the day it […]

Bird Photography Wildlife Photographer

Bird Photography Best Lens For Bird Photography Workshop

Bird Photography Wildlife Photographer Workshop Birds are among nature’s most fascinating creatures. For the wildlife photographer, they are one of the hardest subjects to master, but as with all photographic difficulties, perseverance can bring great rewards. If you have ever witnessed the elaborate courtship display of the great crested grebe, watched a small pas-serine searching […]

10 Cool Facts About hyena | hyena animal Facts

10 Cool Facts About hyena Text: Nicolette 10 Cool Facts About hyena Els Photography: 1# Smart cookies Although their odd fits of giggling might show otherwise, spotted hyenas are actually very smart. In recent studies, they have proven to even out-think chimpanzees! They displayed amazing feats of coordination and problem solving among themselves, even without making […]

long haired cats

5 Most Popular Long Haired Cats Breeds And Names

5 long haired cats breeds Regardless of their ancestry, these Longhaired cats have undeniable glamour and are sought-after pets. Non Pedigree cats with long hair are less common than their short haired counterparts. In some of them, the clues to their origins are obvious. A dense, woolly undercoat, stocky body, and a round, flattened face are […]

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