Balinese cat information Beautiful Balinese cats

Beautiful Balinese Cat

balinese cat information
balinese cat information

If finding a furry BFF is Your Goal, look no further than the Balinese cat though noted for her aristocratic appearance this suave feline specimen is uninterested in whiling her days away atop a throne” rather, she’s all about companionship and-stop chatter


1, About That Coat

Believe it or not, the most interesting aspect of  the Balinese’s appearance is not her oversize triangular ears or wedge-shaped head; rather, it’s her coat. Long, silky and flowing, the coat never mats; is formfitting to the body, showing off her muscular lines; and ends in an opulent plume of a tail.

2, Let’s talk.

So, she likes to talk? That’s putting it mildly. The Balinese cat is a regular Chatty Cathy, eager to share her worldviews w you in a soft yet sweet voice. Though s does have her quiet moments, if given the chance, she’ll talk your ear off

3, Personality Plus

The Balinese is full of  highs: highly athletic, highly sociable, highly intelligent and highly opinionated. Don’t let that last one scare you. Given the fact that most people aren’t well-versed in the Balinese’s  cats language, her tell-all personality sounds more like sweet noise, as opposed to the divulging of secrets

4, Siamese vs. Balinese Cat

Aside from hair length and the slight difference in vocal tone (the Siamese tends to be louder), there’s no difference between the two. They share the same personality traits, sapphire stare and color points: chocolate, lilac, seal and blue.

5, Balinese Friend of the family

The Balinese is all about her humans and feline and siblings and is fond of anyone and everyone (regardless of age), as long as they’re willing to converse and shower her with high doses of TLC

6, Busybody Balinese

In addition to being a busybody, the Balinese is known for being a bit of a bossypants. She loves to be at the center of action, helping her humans with even the most menial of tasks and supervising them to ensure that all goes smoothly. She’s also not opposed to dishing out advice and will give you a nudge in the right direction if she feels like you aren’t acting on it!

7, On The Move
There’s never a dull moment with the Balinese cat. Highly intelligent, she loves to be challenged with puzzle toys. She’s also very athletic, so keep her agility in mind when it comes to playtime. Big cat trees boost her climbing prowess, while teaser toys and games of fetch keep her on her toes. She’s also very receptive to training and can easily learn to walk on a leash.

By Mary Desmond –, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link Balinese Cat

8, Home Alone

While the Balinese cat sounds like she needs constant human interaction to survive, she’s willing to let you leave the house to go out and earn food money. That said, she must always be left in the company of entertainment. Toys, cat DVDs and a window perch for bird-watching— at least until she hears your key turning in the door.

9, Nonstop Snuggling

Sitting down to watch your favorite TV program? The Balinese will hunker down in your lap. Getting into bed for the night? Not only will the Balinese cat get under the covers with you, she’ll lay her head on the pillow human style. But really, who can resist loyalty like that?


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