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awesome snakes facts
Awesome snakes facts

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Snakes have a bad reputation, but beyond the scary stories and persistent myths are a group of animals who, like any other, only strike when threatened. With an incredible 3,000 species of snake on Earth, here are some of the most beautiful

Awesome colourful tree-loving African bush snake

awesome snakes facts
Awesome snakes facts

he green bush viper is a highly polymorphic species that is found in a wide array of colors, from vivid red through to orange, yellow, blue and shades of green. They are widely distributed across West and Central Africa. Most often found in primary forests and land converted for banana plantations, they remain stationary in the trees much of the time. But don’t drop your guard as they can still deliver a quick attack if need be.

This Awesome non-venomous snake just likes to relax

awesome snakes facts
Awesome snakes facts

he green tree python shares the vibrant green color of the emerald tree boa but there are slight differences in their size and the shape of the scales on their heads. The python’s long prehensile tail functions in a similar way to a monkey’s, allowing the snake to grip the trees and move around with ease, although they usually only move when seeking a different tree to rest in.

Little is known about this Awesome colorful pit viper

awesome snakes facts
Awesome snakes facts

With their striking coloration it’s easy to see why the Kanburian bamboo viper belongs to a family called the ‘beautiful pit vipers’. Living in the woodland and limestone mountains of Thailand, they are known to be venomous but no studies have been carried out to quantify the strength of their venom. They are mainly nocturnal and spend their nights hunting frogs and lizards.

The snakes that reflect rainbows
reflect rainbows snake facts
reflect rainbows snake facts

Rainbow boas belong to a group called the ‘sunbeam snakes’, which refers to the oil-on-water iridescent sheen that occurs when their scales reflect natural light. Microscopic ridges found on their scales act just like prisms and refract light into rainbows. Found in the lush tropical forests of Brazil, they spend most of their time on the ground as opposed to in the trees, as there are plenty of mice and lizards to hunt on the forest floor.

An ambush hunter that lurks beneath the surface
awesome snakes facts
Awesome snakes facts

In the deserts of southern Africa, the sand can feel as hot as lava. To overcome living in such a harsh environment, the Peringuey’s adder buries itself beneath the surface. By doing this, it gives the snake much needed respite from the scorching heat, as the sand below the top layer is much cooler. It also means it can stay hidden and ambush unsuspecting prey INT

Some Awesome Facts About Snakes

Genus Common Name(s) Species Found in / Range
Agkistrodon Copperhead, watermoccasin, cottonmouth 3 Central America 
North, America
Atropoides Jumping pit vipers 3 Some regions of Mexico and Central America
Bothriechis Palm pit vipers 7 Some regions of Mexico, Central and South America
Bothriopsis Forest pit vipers 7 Panama and some parts of northern South America
Bothrops Lanceheads 32 Widespread throughout Mexico, Central and South America
Calloselasma Malayan pit viper 1 Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, northern West Malaysia and on the island of Java in Indonesia.
Cerrophidion Montane pit vipers 3 Southern Mexico and Central America
Crotalus Rattlesnakes 29 North America, Central America and the northern half of South America
Deinagkistrodon Hundred-pace viper 1 Much of Southeast Asia
Gloydius Asian moccasins 9 Pakistan, Russia, India, Iran, China, Nepa, Japan, Korea
Hypnale Hump-nosed pit vipers 3 India and Sri Lanka
Lachesis Bushmasters 3 Central and South America
Ophryacus Mexican horned pit vipers 2 Many parts of Mexico
Ovophis Mountain pit vipers 3 Southeast Asia, Nepal and Japan
Porthidium Hognose pit vipers 7 Mexico, Central America and the northern regions of South America
Sistrurus Ground rattlesnakes 3 Southeastern Canada and eastern part of United States
Trimeresurus Asian lanceheads 35 Japan, southern China, parts of Southeast Asia
Tropidolaemus Temple vipers 2

Southeast Asia and some parts of India


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