Ancient Galaxies Have Very Little Dark Matter

Ancient Galaxies Have Very Little Dark Matter

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 New observations by an international team of astronomers’ show that huge galaxies created some 10 billion years ago, during a peak in galaxy formation, were comprised of mostly baryonic or normal matter and very little of the mysterious dark matter that tends to dominate much younger galaxies and cool galaxies
The astronomers led by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics made their findings after measuring the rotation of six massive and distant star-forming Ancient Galaxies.

Using the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope, the group of scientists said they found that the outer regions of these old galaxies rotated much slower than areas closer to their cores.

That’s different than much younger spiral Ancient Galaxies ?

The astronomers think this difference suggests that there is less dark matter present in the ancient galaxies than had been expected.

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Ancient Galaxies
Schematic representation of rotating disc galaxies in the distant Universe and the present day. Observations with ESO’s Very Large Telescope suggest that such massive star-forming disc galaxies in the early Universe were less influenced by dark matter. As a result, the outer parts of distant galaxies rotate more slowly than comparable regions of galaxies in the local Universe. Their rotations curves, rather than being flat, drop with increasing radius.








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have very little dark matter ancient galaxies

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