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The Twin Jet Nebula

The Twin Jet Nebula – ESA/Hubble | Nature Magazine

  The Twin Jet Nebula The Twin Jet Nebula, or PN M2-9, is a striking sample of a bipolar planetary nebula. Bipolar planetary nebulae are shaped when the central object is not a single star, but a binary system, Studies have shown that the nebula’s size rises with time, and measurements of

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Frilled lizard

Frilled lizard | Information about Frilled lizard

Frilled lizard | Information about Frilled lizard This lizard’s extra skin is a remarkable defence darker brown and greys this suggest that they use its their masking and also it lives in leaves branches the most strong features of these has the large circle of hair of skin which is usually

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How do keys open doors

How Keys Open Locks Tip And Tricks | How Do Keys Open Doors?

How do keys open doors? Unlock the secrets of how these simple devices keep your possessions safe Throughout history, numerous lock-and-key combinations have been used to keep rooms and valuables secure. The earliest lock comprised of a series of wooden pins that could be moved only by a key with a matching

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what are whiskers?

what are whiskers? | information about animal whiskers

what are whiskers? Find out how these specialized hairs help animals to sense their surroundings Whiskers are long, thick hairs that extend a mammal’s sense of touch beyond the surface of their skin. They are connected directly to the nervous system via sensory organs called proprioceptors at the base of the hair,

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Green Basilisk Lizard | Information about green basilisk lizard

green basilisk lizard Interesting Information about lizards Lizards capture the imagination with their dragon and dinosaur-like looks, but out of a group of over 6,000 species, which are the most intriguing members? GREEN BASILISK LIZARD A cute reptile renowned for making miracles GREEN BASILISK LIZARD GREEN BASILISK LIZARD Basiliscus plumifrons Class Reptilia Territory Central America Diet Plants, fruit, insects, small vertebrates  Lifespan 10 years (in captivity) Adult

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Acai Fruit Benefits

acai berry benefits Uses and History | Acai berry Benefits

  acai berry Seed benefits Uses acai berry Seed Seed History and Information Acai berry Seed History and Information acai berry Seed is a palm tree native to Central and South America. The tree grows in swamps and reaches a height of about 90 feet (27 meters). The flowers are white and are followed

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superclusters rule the tiny collection of galaxies

The cosmic bullies next door How vast superclusters rule the tiny collection of galaxies we call the Local Group  by Liz Kruesi IN 1994 astronomer Renée Kraan-Korteweg spotted some 600 galaxies lying the same distance away from us, all clustered around the constellations Hydra and Vela. These findings hinted that the region might harbor

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