black panther

black panther animal habitat Interesting Information about black coat

What is a black panther? The term ‘black panther’ refers to any big cat with a black coat. In India, there are no jaguars or pumas, therefore Bagheera must be a leopard. The spotted and dark varieties of leopard are the same species, and differ only due to a small genetic mutation that produces a dark pigment in the skin. This is known as melanism and is thought to be much more common in big cats living in dense forest, where little light can penetrate. The dark cats are still able to blend in with their surroundings and hunt successfully.

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Sun look like from other planets

What does the Sun look like from other planets | nature magazine

What Does The Sun Look Like From Other Planets? Find out what it’s like to look up from the surface of another world On Earth, the position of the Sun relative to our planet makes us the toast of the Solar System. Located in the habitable zone, where the Sun is the right distance to make it neither too hot nor too cold, we are treated to relatively moderate temperatures. We also enjoy a brilliant blue sky, as molecules in our atmosphere scatter more blue light than any other color. Take a trip to the planets Venus and Mercury, though, and

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five Surprising facts you didn’t know about avocados

Five facts you didn’t know about this popular fruit Are we living in the Age of the Avocado? These days is looks as though every trendy eatery has avocado toast on the menu, guacamole is more popular than ever, avocado smoothies are all the rage, and an avocado rose is a real thing. Avocado is being used as a butter replacement, and recipes for avocado brownies, avocado ice cream, avocado cupcakes, and chocolate avocado pudding are all over the internet.  You know they make a killer egg Ocado and are beloved between guacamole aficionados. You might also know you can feel good eating one, thanks to strong fats and loads

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Jerusalem Artichokes

How To Plant Jerusalem Artichokes Anywhere | Seasonal Recipe

How To Plant Jerusalem Artichokes Anywhere If you haven’t eaten Jerusalem artichokes before, try them before you plant because some people have trouble digesting them. However, if you’re a fan, they are one of the easiest crops to grow Plant the tubers when the ground is workable in February or March, spacing them 10cm (4in) deep and 30cm (12in) apart. They love a rich but well-drained soil and sunny site, but they will grow in poorer dry, slightly shady conditions too. The harvest will be smaller but they’re so productive this isn’t really a problem. Consequently, they’re a useful crop

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Create an apple stepover for Your Garden

Create an apple stepover for Your Garden | nature magazine

Create an apple stepover Trained low growing apples bring fruit into the tiniest of spaces TRAINING APPLES :  as stepover trees provides a space-saving way of growing fruit in the smallest of gardens. Both attractive and productive, they make the perfect boundary for a veg patch. What is it? A stepover is an apple grown as a low horizontal cordon that can literally be stepped over. Why do it? They’re beautiful as a way of edging beds and bringing fruit into even the tiniest of spaces Which plants should I use? Choose a spur-fruiting cultivar (not tip fruiting, or you’ll be forever pruning away fruit)

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Choose The Best Compost For Garden

Choose The Best Compost For Garden Healthy Plants

choose the best compost for garden healthy plants Compost CHOOSE THE BEST There’s a bewildering array of seed sowing, potting and other composts available. Geoff Hodge explains the differences between them Bagged compost might look and feel pretty similar to the material we make in our compost heaps – so why pay for it, when you can make it yourself? The truth is, seed sowing, potting and other types of bagged growing media are far superior to the homemade stuff. Though ‘garden compost’ is great for improving the soil or using as a mulch, it generally won’t perform well enough

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